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Why only limited daily quantity of premium durian boxes?

When we first started Durian Lims back in 2023, our mission was to connect everyone to fresh, authentic and the high-quality durians. Coming to the end of 2023, we soon realised that not all durians are grown equal.

Durians are volatile, comprising fruits of various quality standards, with the best of the best possessing the characteristics of well-rounded ripeness and a very strong smell. These types of durians are highly sought after by all our customers. However, they are available in limited quantities. So, this prompts the question: Is there enough of these highest-quality durians to go around?

To be completely transparent, as our order volume increases, we find ourselves in a tough spot: Everyone desires the best of the best durians, the highest-quality durians, however, the reality is that there is limited availability of these kinds of durians.

Post durian season, we took the opportunity to reassess and refine our strategy.

Our answer?

By creating a new category for our top-tier durians. - Our Premium Selections (Premium Durian Boxes) which are available in limited quantity daily.

With this category, we offer customers the option to access our finest durians from our daily fresh durian batch.

Expect nothing less than PERFECTION from our premium selections.

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