Our 7-Point Check System - Durian Lims

Our 7-Point Check System

At Durian Lims, we use all our five senses with a 7-Point Check System to pick out our durians. Only those durians that passes the 7-Point Check System will be labelled Premium.

Using Mao Shan Wang (D197) as an example:

1. Visual - Scrape the stem of the durian. The inner stem exposed should be green. This indicates that the durian is fresh. A brown/black inner stem indicates that the durian is been left out for many days. The outer husk should not have any visible cracks horizontally across the durians nor should it have any worm holes.

2. Touch - Shake the durian. It should feel like there is some loose objects knocking against the durian inner husk. It is actually the dislodged durian fruitlets knocking against the inner husk and it indicates that the durian is ripe.

3. Hearing - Tap the durian husk with a durian knife. There should be hollow sound produced from the action of the knife knocking on the durian. This indicates that the durian is ripe. An unripe durian would produce a very flat, blunt sound.

4. Smell - Smell the durian fruitlet. A strong smell should be emitting from the durian fruitlet. The stronger the smell the stronger the taste. An unripe durian would smell like vegetable. Smelling can also help differentiate the more bitter ones from the sweeter ones.

5. Visual - The most important check in the 6-point check system, a visual look for
What we ARE NOT looking for:

- Translucent streaks or spot (Tiger Stripes). Fruitlets without proper development, indicated by translucent streaks or spots, are rejected. These areas tend to have a bland taste.
- Too dry (Unripe). Fruitlets with a visually bright pale yellow appearance, resembling an uncooked skinned potato, are considered unripe. Occasionally, fruitlets are so dry that they can come off the seed in one hardened piece.
- Unripe spots (Uneven ripening). Fruitlets exhibiting uneven ripening, with some parts of the durian flesh appearing lighter than others, do not meet our premium standards.
- Too wet (Overripe). Fruitlets with a glossy appearance, accompanied by water droplets on the skin and an inability of the skin to hold onto the flesh, are considered overripe and are excluded from our premium category.
- Burnt seeds. Fruitlets with seeds that are blackened due to excessive sun exposure are rejected.
Rejected Mao Shan Wang Fruitlets

6. Touch - The firmness of the durian flesh must be soft enough to make an indentation but hard enough that the skin is still intact as you press it down. This indicates the right firmness and therefore, the right ripeness level. 

7. Taste - The last part would be everyone's favourite. Tasting small pieces of durians from each durian. This is a sure way of whether the durian is good or not good.

With the 7-Point Check System in place, we are confident that we can consistently serve you only the freshest, authentic and highest quality durian.

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